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The common idea in our societies about rhinoplasty is a very brief idea which is to reduce the size of the nose, and it is often considered as a luxury, and it is only one of the simplest types of these operations, while some types of rhinoplasty and straightening may be sometimes a therapeutic necessity.



Rhinoplasty, which is the operation of altering the shape of the nose, which is sometimes referred to as the operation of reshaping the nose. It is performed primarily with a cosmetic purpose, which is to increase the harmony and proportion between the nose and the rest of the features of the face, but it is often performed for the purpose of treating problems and disorders Respiration resulting from deformities or defects in the structure of the nose, and due to exposure to some accidents. For example:
• Change the size of the nose (whether to reduce or enlarge it).
• Change the width of the nose or the size or position of the nose tip.
• Beautifying clear nasal heights or depressions affecting the overall shape of the face, or to increase the symmetry of the nose


1. Nasal reduction surgery:
It may include certain areas such as the nose tip , the bridge of the nose, or the width of the nose.
2. Nose augmentation surgery:
This type of surgery is often therapeutic, and it may be the result of deformation or incomplete growth of the nose, or after the surgical removal of part of the nose.
3. Plastic surgeries as a result of accidents:
which take place within a period of one week to ten days after exposure to an accident that caused damage to some of the nasal bones or cartilages.


The anesthesia may be total, partial or local anesthesia, according to the doctors opinion. After this, the operation begins, which may be through making an incision in the nose or without using this incision.
Reshape the nose
By removing some cartilage and bone, some cartilage may sometimes be required to be transplanted.
Correct the shape of the septum
If it is deviated, then the surgical incision is closed in case it is used and a nasal splint is installed, then the recovery phase begins and awaits the results after recovery from the anesthesia.


1. The patient must refrain from taking any medications that may cause blood thinning and delay of clotting two weeks before the operation, and among these drugs are some analgesics such as aspirin and drugs that contain ibuprofen.
2. The patient must stop smoking or consuming nicotine. He should also abstain from taking vitamin E and start taking vitamin C daily in amounts of no less than 1000 mg daily.
3. You should also refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages in the period before and after surgery
4. If you are going to be subjected to general anesthesia during the surgery, you must refrain from consuming any food or drinks for at least 8 hours before the operation.


1. You have to take into account that the recovery period after the operation is an important period, and it must be dealt with carefully while adhering to the doctor’s instructions to ensure that the shape of the nose you want is reached, as any imbalance in the healing of the skin or the parts under it leads to an imbalance in the shape of the nose later, and some problems may appear As a result of not following the medical instructions carefully in the post-operation period.
2. The results are evaluated within a year of performing the surgery, and after the swelling in the nose area has completely gone. And the person must be ready to accept this major change in the shape of the face, which will result from the change in the shape of the nose.
3. The patient must also have a realistic view, so he does not expect immediate results after the end of the surgery, and is aware of the expected length of time for the recovery period and the change in the shape of the nose, and fully adheres to the doctor’s instructions in order to recover well and in good health.


1. It is considered one of the minor surgeries that does not require a long recovery or recovery period, as the patient can leave the hospital on the next day of the surgery and sometimes on the same day.
2. Nevertheless, the matter differs from one person to another, and the technique used in the surgery causes great variation in recovery periods, and therefore it is imperative to adhere to the doctors instructions after the operation to ensure a healthy and fast recovery.
3. After the operation, the nose is different and its shape begins to gradually change with the disappearance of the swelling. Commitment to taking the prescribed treatment and avoiding exposure to sunlight as much as possible, and the nose reaches its final shape in a period ranging from two weeks to 12 weeks.
4. Do not be afraid if you find your nose congested and swollen after removing the surgical template about a week after the operation. This is completely normal, and sometimes it may take a year after surgery to reach the final image of the nose, so be patient and adhere completely to the doctors instructions.
5. After the operation, the patient adheres to the same instructions that are adhered to after all surgeries. He must not eat food until after making sure of bowel movement, and try to move at home as much as possible to avoid strokes.
6. You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least three weeks after the operation.
7. The dryness of the nose splint should also be maintained in the week following the operation and even removed, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight in the weeks following the operation and until complete recovery.


There are several things that must be taken into consideration to know the eligibility of an individual to perform this type of nose surgery, including:
1. Facial bone growth must be complete. The operation cannot be performed in childhood or adolescence, and the facial bones must be healthy and do not include any kind of deformation.
2. The candidate for these operations must be in good health, and also must stay away from smoking because smoking causes complications for this process and increases the expected recovery period for it.